Manchester Beer & Cider Festival at Manchester Central

The Manchester Beer and Cider festival marks its fifth year with an outstanding menu of the best brewers and producers can muster. This year, 22 bars will serve 750 different examples sure to appeal to lovers of traditional British ales, those seeking the cutting edge… Read more »

Break in Transmission at the Holden Gallery

On the surface, the act of translation is relatively simple – the everyday process of one thing being translated into another. Throughout the exhibition, there is a fascination with the process of the transmission of information and what happens when things are put under strain,… Read more »

Levi’s at Oi Polloi

The new season Levi’s clothing is in-store and online now at Oi Polloi. The Baracuda Jacket in nightwatch blue and the Trucker jacket in sky blue are both stylish and decent value at under £100. There are also loads of heavily discounted sale items still… Read more »

Robots at the Museum of Science and Industry

Robots at the Museum of Science and Industry explores our obsession with recreating ourselves in human form, and what it truly means to be a human in a robotic world. The exhibition runs until Sunday the 15th of April 2018. More information is available at… Read more »

Andy Zaltzman at the Lowry

Andy Zaltzman is a stand-up comedian, broadcaster and author, who has firmly established himself in the vanguard of British comedy with his unique brand of political satire. He is the writer and presenter of the global hit satirical podcast The Bugle, which since its inception… Read more »